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Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. was organized and incorporated in June of 1989 by Mike Weeks. Mr. Weeks was employed for ten years by Milpark Drilling Fluids, a worldwide organization, and he held the position of District Manager. Due to a continued decrease in demand for oilfield services, Milpark felt it could not continue to operate profitably in the smaller market of North Central Texas. Milpark took the same approach as other large companies and planned to discontinue their operations in this area. However, in an effort to keep their name before the operators in this region, Milpark offered a dealership to Mike Weeks. The offer was accepted and Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. began operations in June of 1989 as the authorized dealer for Milpark Drilling Fluids in North Central Texas. After Mike Weeks’ death in 2005, Paula J. Weeks assumed ownership of the corporation and has continued to expand operations.

When Midwestern’s contract with Baker Hughes Inteq expired on July 23, 1997, and in an effort to better serve our customers, Mr. Weeks made arrangements with another supplier of drilling fluids. The supplier is Federal Wholesale Mud, a division of M-I Drilling Fluids, a world leader in the drilling fluids industry owned jointly by Smith International and Schlumberger. Through this association, Midwestern has products in warehouses located in Bowie, Decatur, Cleburne, and Vernon, Texas, along with rail sites in Vernon, Bowie and Cresson, TX.

In addition, Midwestern is able to obtain products from any Federal or M-I warehouse in the world. This enables Midwestern to have unlimited boundaries and has allowed us to serve our customer base at any location that our customers request.

Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. employs 26 persons and uses other consultants on a regular basis. The corporate office is located in Suite 330 of the First Wichita Building in Wichita Falls, Texas. Midwestern warehouses are maintained and staffed at Bowie, Decatur, and Vernon Texas. Other Federal warehouses that are used regularly are located in Abilene, Canadian, and Midland, Texas, and Hobbs, New Mexico.

Midwestern operates a fleet of twenty (20) pickup trucks, thirteen (13) medium range delivery trucks with hydraulic lifts, and four (4) 18-wheel tractor-trailer combinations. We also have a fully equipped service truck with a qualified mechanic to minimize down time for our equipment. We are very proud of our “on time” delivery capabilities using our own personnel and equipment, but should the need arise, we are also able to use contractor haulers. Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. is fully insured with General Liability, Auto Liability and Collision, Umbrella Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. has built a solid reputation in Texas over the past twenty years. We pride ourselves on offering unequalled service to our customers at very competitive prices. We are totally committed to our customers’ needs. We are completely equipped to be able to offer all services required of a drilling fluids supplier, and we are fully insured. When you hire Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. as your mud company, you will receive our total package. The proof of our ability is the results that we obtain for our customers. References are readily available upon request.